News Archive 2023

December 2023

COVID-19 variant JN.1 symptoms: Is ‘Pirola’ different from other Omicron spawn? Fortune Well. 2023-12-28. Stuart Ray

Do You Really Need That Antibiotic? The New York Times. 2023-12-21. Sara Cosgrove

CDC Tracks Down Rare, Deadly Bacteria in Mississippi Gulf Region. MedPage Today. 2023-12-20. Robert Bollinger

New At-Home STI Test Could Help Stop the Spread of Infection. Scientific American. 2023-12-20. Charlotte Gaydos

JN.1, the WHO’s newest ‘variant of interest,’ has spiked COVID wastewater levels to all-time highs in some countries. What you need to know about the ‘Pirola’ offshoot. Fortune Well. 2023-12-20. Stuart Ray

A Big Misconception About the World’s Greatest Infectious Killer. The Atlantic. 2023-12-15. William Bishai

November 2023

Syphilis cases quadruple on Long Island, U.S., in troubling sign for public health. Newsday. 2023-11-18. Khalil Ghanem

The Hepatitis C Elimination Goal. HCP Live. 2023-11-16. Mark Sulkowski

India Philanthropy Forum Launches In London To Foster A Robust Corridor Between India And UK Towards Accelerated Social Impact In India. 2023-11-13. Amita Gupta

October 2023

New Federal Oversight of Lab Developed Tests. Medscape. 2023-10-23. Paul Auwaerter

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects in 2023: What to Expect. Verywell Health. 2023-10-23. Stuart Ray

Scientists infect volunteers with Zika in hunt for vaccines, treatments. Reuters. 2023-10-21. Anna Durbin

Latest News: COVID-19 & Flu vaccines for people with chronic kidney disease. National Kidney Foundation webinar. 2023-10-15. William Werbel

HIVMA Names Allison Agwu Chair of its Board of Directors. HIVMA Press Release. 2023-10-11. Allison Agwu

Now is the Time for Older Adults to Get the RSV Vaccine. WebMD. 2023-10-11. Paul Auwaerter

Am I Still Contagious? Here’s how to navigate eight of the most insidious and infectious illnesses. The New York Times. 2023-10-06. Stuart Ray

It’s not just long COVID: Symptoms can linger after other illnesses, leading to ‘long colds.’ NBC News. 2023-10-06. Stuart Ray

Hooked on ID with Pranita D. Tamma, MD, MHS. Healio. 2023-10-03. Pranita Tamma

Lyme disease vaccines are back, one in trials from Pfizer and another in early tests at Penn. But will people get them? The Philadelphia Inquirer. 2023-10-01. Paul Auwaerter

September 2023

The Mystery Around COVID Fatigue. The New York Times. 2023-09-27. Paul Auwaerter

COVID-19 surge and new vaccine booster. The Leslie Marshall Radio Show. 2023-09-25. Robert Bollinger

Johns Hopkins physician improves standard of care for tuberculosis through patient-centered technology. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-09-21. Maunank Shah

NIH to address unmet clinical needs in testing, monitoring, and treatment technologies. NIH Press Release. 2023-09-21. Yuka Manabe

Early Convalescent Plasma Treatment May Lower Long COVID Risk, Study Finds. Johns Hopkins University Hub. 2023-09-20. David Sullivan, Aaron Tobian, Kelly Gebo

Covid Can Disrupt Your Sleep. The New York Times. 2023-09-20. Paul Auwaerter

Primary Care Clinicians Should Spearhead HIV Prevention. Medscape. 2023-09-19. Matthew Hamill

Groundbreaking Trial of a One-Month Regimen to Prevent All Forms of Tuberculosis Set to Launch. SMART4TB Press Release. 2023-09-19. Richard Chaisson

COVID levels are so high, they’re hovering near 2020’s initial peak, as the WHO urges those at high risk to take any booster they can get their hands on. Fortune Well. 2023-09-16. Stuart Ray

New study aims for best strategy to find recurrent cases of Tuberculosis. Indian Express. 2023-09-15. Jonathan Golub

8 Vaccines You Need After 50. AARP. 2023-09-14. Morgan Katz

Is it safe to get the COVID vaccine and flu shot at the same time? Today. 2023-09-14. William Werbel

PCPs Prep for ‘Less Predictable’ Respiratory Virus Season. Medscape. 2023-09-14. Paul Auwaerter

Lancet Commission on TB Recommends New Tools to Catalyze Response to Increases in Tuberculosis Deaths in Advance of UN High-Level Meeting on TB. USCF Global Health Sciences Press Release. 2023-09-13. Richard Chaisson, Emily Kendall, Tess Ryckman

Precision BioSciences Hosts Virtual R&D Day Highlighting its Proprietary ARCUS Technology and Recent In Vivo Gene Editing Program Developments. AP Business Wire. 2023-09-12. Mark Sulkowski

Why you have COVID symptoms and a negative test: You may not be doing it right, experts say. Fortune Well. 2023-09-09. Stuart Ray

‘Pirola’ BA.2.86 may not be a ‘black swan’ event like Omicron, experts say. It’s what could spawn from it that has them worried. Fortune Well. 2023-09-01. Stuart Ray

August 2023

5 Questions for COVID Experts: How Concerned Should We Be? WebMD. 2023-08-30. Stuart Ray

COVID cases are rising, and all eyes are on new variant BA.2.86 ‘Pirola.’ Should masks make a comeback? Fortune Well. 2023-08-29. Stuart Ray

Fact Check: Study Does NOT Show Ivermectin Reduces COVID-19 Mortality by 74%. Lead Stories. 2023-08-29. Stuart Ray

With COVID on the rise, should you wait for the new booster or get the old one? What experts say. Fortune Well. 2023-08-25. Stuart Ray

Do You Still Need to Isolate if You Have COVID? Verywell Health. 2023-08-24. Stuart Ray

Johns Hopkins Welcomes Second Cohort of Vivien Thomas Scholars. Johns Hopkins University Hub. 2023-08-23. Damani Piggott

Partial Resistance to Therapeutic Mainstay for Malaria on the Rise. Medpage Today. 2023-08-23. David Sullivan

Highly mutated COVID variant BA.2.86 has been detected in the US. Why the CDC and WHO are monitoring it. Fortune Well. 2023-08-18. Stuart Ray

Long-Term Study Reaffirms Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccination for Organ Transplant Recipients. Newswise. 2023-08-18. William Werbel

Advanced Management Issues in HIV Care Conference. The Daily. 2023-08-16. Thomas Quinn

Late Summer Fevers: History is Paramount. Medscape. 2023-08-14. Paul Auwaerter

How the COVID Vaccine is Keeping Folks Out of the Hospital. HealthDay. 2023-08-08. Aaron Tobian

Do you let your dog lick your face? It can make you sick. The Washington Post. 2023-08-07. Sonya Krishnan

The White House proposes new plan to eliminate hepatitis C. CBS News. 2023-08-04.

Teen dies from brain-eating amoeba after swimming in a lake. Should you be worried? Here’s what you need to know. Yahoo! Life. 2023-08-03. Paul Auwaerter

Nose picking linked to higher risk of covid, study shows. The Washington Post. 2023-08-02. Stuart Ray

6 Ways to Prevent Tick Bites Year-Round. Self. 2023-08-02. Paul Auwaerter

July 2023

Kidney Transplants from HIV-Positive Patients Likely to Save Lives. Forbes. 2023-07-30. Christine Durand

Seed grant funding available for interdisciplinary health research in India. Johns Hopkins University Hub. 2023-07-26. Amita Gupta

Pitt study points to new opportunities for HIV treatment. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 2023-07-25. Cindy Sears

Daily statin reduces heart disease risk among adults living with HIV. NIH News Release. 2023-07-24. Charles Flexner and Vidya Mave

Study Shows Positive Outcomes for First Three US Living HIV-to-HIV Kidney Transplant Donors. Johns Hopkins Medicine News Release. 2023-07-24. Christine Durand

Unitaid: Close to a million deaths by 2023 if TB prevention is not acted on. UN News. 2023-07-19. Tess Ryckman

Mosquito and Tick-Borne Illnesses on the Rise: What to Know. WebMD. 2023-07-17. Robert Bollinger

Pune study raises hope for patients with crippling triple burden–HIV, TB, alcohol. The Indian Express. 2023-07-17. Amita Gupta

How Bad is Tick Season This Year? Verywell Health. 2023-07-16. Paul Auwaerter

June 2023

Medical schools eye workarounds after SCOTUS affirmative action ruling. Axios. 2023-06-30. Erica Johnson

National HIV Testing Day is June 27: What to know about HIV in 2023. Afro News. 2023-06-26. Allison Agwu, David Griffith

Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases 2022 Annual Report

2023 American Transplant Congress Draws 4000+ Attendees: In-Person and Virtual Platforms Assured Maximum Accessibility. EIN Presswire. 2023-06-21. William Werbel

With high unhealthy alcohol use and increased risk of TB, counselling holds a solution. 2023-06-21. Amita Gupta

Juneteenth Message from ID DEI Advisory Committee Director, Dr. Johan Melendez. 2023-06-19.

SMART4TB Consortium Announces Community Partners. SMART4TB Press Release. 2023-06-15. Richard Chaisson

Research Shows India Can Shorten Tuberculosis Treatment. The Hindu. 2023-06-13. Vidya Mave

Abstinence not required: How a Baltimore drug treatment program prioritizes saving lives. The Associated Press. 2023-06-11. Kathleen Page, Amanda Rosecrans, Bobby Harris

Profile writing brings a fresh approach to health news. Association of Health Care Journalists. 2023-06-09. Kunchok Dorjee

Levi Watkins, Jr., MD, Outpatient Center Dedication (PHOTOS). The Baltimore Sun. 2023-06-08. Damani Piggott

Xenotransplantation: Are we ready for clinical trials in humans? Healio. 2023-06-08. Olivia Kates

ID Division DEI Initiative Names New Director. JHU ID Communications. 2023-06-08. Johan Melendez

JHU Transplant and Oncology Infectious Diseases (TOID) Team Shines at National Conference. JHU ID Communications. 2023-06-08. Robin Avery, Andrew Karaba, Bill Werbel, Christine Durand, Olivia Kates, Darin Ostrander, Will Cochran, Nate Permpalung

Transplant medicine contends with organ shortage and pandemic-related disruptions. Healio. 2023-06-05. Christine Durand

Do You Still Need to Test for COVID-19? 2023-06-05. Yuka Manabe

This Summer Will Be a Tick Fest. Know What to Do if You Get Bitten. The Wall Street Journal. 2023-06-05. Paul Auwaerter

Commentary: Nonprofit hospitals can fill gaps in care of undocumented immigrants. The Baltimore Banner. 2023-06-02. Kathleen Page

Johns Hopkins Hospital to rename outpatient center in honor of first Black chief resident, Dr. Levi Watkins. Afro News. 2023-06-02. Damani Piggott

May 2023

Researchers Use ‘Natural’ System to Identify Proteins Most Useful for Developing an Effective HIV Vaccine. Johns Hopkins Medicine News Release. 2023-05-30. Robert Siliciano, Janet Siliciano

IDSA Foundation Honors Memory of Dr. John and Jean Bartlett. IDSA Foundation News Release. 2023-05-26. Paul Auwaerter

Suniti Solomon: India’s Preeminent HIV Researcher & Activist. American Society for Microbiology. 2023-05-17. Sunil Solomon

Fact Check: Severe COVID-19 is Associated with Accelerated Aging. USA Today. 2023-05-17. Stuart Ray

The Pandemic Didn’t Really Change How Americans Think About Sickness. Time. 2023-05-15. Yuka Manabe

Infections acquired in hospitals remain high following pandemic spike. Newsweek. 2023-05-15. Lisa Maragakis

Patients and caregivers impacted by COVID will continue to face challenges. New York Amsterdam News. 2023-05-11. Kelly Gebo

Is There a Best Time of Day to Get Your COVID Shot? Verywell Health. 2023-05-11. Stuart Ray

Expert Q&A: HIV Therapy and Prevention. Consultant360. 2023-05-10. Richard Chaisson

News Tip: May is National Hepatitis Awareness Month–Johns Hopkins Medicine Experts are Available for Interviews. Johns Hopkins Medicine News Release. 2023-05-10. Andrea Cox, Stuart Ray, Mark Sulkowski, Chloe Thio

What doctors wish patients knew about Lyme disease. American Medical Association. 2023-05-05. Paul Auwaerter

Why tuberculosis cases have risen in recent years after decades of decline. NBC News. 2023-05-02. Richard Chaisson

GW’s Public Health Lab to develop free, at-home STI test kits for students. The GW Hatchet. 2023-05-01. Yuka Manabe

April 2023

What to know about the latest COVID variant, a drop in deaths and pink eye. Newsday. 2023-04-28. Stuart Ray

Gaucher’s disease wreaks havoc. But it may also have an upside. Forward. 2023-04-25. William Bishai

Despite Vaccines, COVID-19 is Still Out There. WFMD 930. 2023-04-24. Clare Rock

Jump Start Your Spring with Tips for a Healthy Household. Journal Review. 2023-04-20. Clare Rock

Experts Say Universal Masking for COVID-19 in Hospitals is Not Necessary. Healthline. 2023-04-20. Stuart Ray

Q&A: How to treat outpatients with COVID-19. Healio. 2023-04-19. William Werbel

News Tip: April is STI Awareness Month, Johns Hopkins Sexual Health Experts Available for Interviews. Johns Hopkins Medicine News Release. 2023-04-13. Allison Agwu, Khalil Ghanem, Elizabeth Gilliams, Matthew Hamill

Daily statin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV, large NIH study finds. National Institutes of Health News Release. 2023-04-11. Johns Hopkins University Baltimore-India Clinical Trials Unit, Amita Gupta, Charles Flexner

Scene Health Receives $1.67 Million Grant for Florida Program. citybiz. 2023-04-10. Robert Bollinger

ID Division Director Sees Success of Dharamshala Partnership Firsthand During Recent Visit. JHU ID Communications. 2023-04-06. Amita Gupta, Kunchok Dorjee, Richard Chaisson

AAU Names Members to Task Force on Expanding U.S.-India University Partnerships. Association of American Universities Press Release. 2023-04-06. Amita Gupta

2023 Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine Award Recipients. Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine News Release. 2023-04-01. Erica Johnson

March 2023

New Study: HIV Genomes That Hide in White Blood Cells Offer New Target to Eliminate Infections. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-03-27. Joel Blankson, Robert Siliciano

Our view: The vaccine bill. Winston-Salem Journal. 2023-03-26. Lisa Maragakis

Frozen Strawberries and Hepatitis A Risk: What to Do If You Have Recalled Products at Home. 2023-03-23. Chloe Thio

Algorithm could hold key to child TB diagnosis. SciDevNet. 2023-03-23. Amita Gupta

Rutgers is Awarded $20 Million to Lead Consortium of Seven Universities and Eight Nations to Curb Tuberculosis. Rutgers Today. 2023-03-22. Robert Bollinger, Amita Gupta

This Common Infection Could Raise Your Risk for Colon Cancer. WebMD. 2023-03-21. Julia Drewes

If you had Covid before you were vaccinated, you might have less immunity than you think, study says. CNBC. 2023-03-21. Stuart Ray

It’s (Finally) Time to Stop Calling It a Pandemic: Experts. WebMD. 2023-03-17. Stuart Ray

Pandemic 3 years later: Has the COVID-19 virus won? Associated Press. 2023-03-10. Stuart Ray

Justin Bieber and Dianne Feinstein got shingles. What causes it? The Washington Post. 2023-03-08. Stuart Ray

Investigating the Origins of COVID-19: Testimony of Dr. Paul G. Auwaerter before the US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. 2023-03-08. Paul Auwaerter

Science takes back seat to politics in first House hearing on origin of COVID-19 pandemic. Science. 2023-03-08. Paul Auwaerter

Some people never catch COVID-19. Johns Hopkins scientists use algorithms to find out why. The Baltimore Banner. 2023-03-02. Stuart Ray

‘Revolutionary’ HIV prevention jab set to expand choices for consumers. Devex. 2023-03-01. Sunil Solomon

February 2023

What the ‘lab leak’ theory report about COVID’s origins does and doesn’t mean. ABC News. 2023-02-27. Stuart Ray

Johns Hopkins-Led Convalescent Plasma Study, Published in NEJM in March 2022, Among 2023 Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Awards from Clinical Research Forum. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 2023-02-22. Aaron Tobian, Shmuel Shoham, Oliver Laeyendecker, Kelly Gebo

Paxlovid during pregnancy: Experts weigh safety and potential benefits. Today. 2023-02-22. Kelly Gebo

Research Team Creates Statistical Model to Predict COVID-19 Resistance. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-02-22. Stuart Ray

State Health Board member dismisses concerns about syphilis, HIV, and contraception access. Mississippi Today. 2023-02-20. Khalil Ghanem

To Patients, Herpes Can Be Devastating. To Many Doctors, It’s Not a Priority. The New York Times. 2023-02-18. Jonathan Zenilman

Marburg virus, a relative of Ebola with no approved vaccines or treatments, is spreading in West Africa. Here’s what you need to know. Fortune. 2023-02-16. Maryam Keshtkar Jahromi

What’s the Point of PCR Tests Anymore? Time Magazine. 2023-02-16. Yuka Manabe

Thai official: No plans to void Pfizer COVID vaccine contract. Associated Press. 2023-02-07. Stuart Ray

51% of Home-Based Care Organizations Plan to Dive into Higher-Acuity Care Models. Home Health Care News. 2023-02-07. Sara Keller

How Long Does C Difficile Linger in a Hospital Room? One Study Shows a Year. Infection Control Today. 2023-02-06. Geetika Sood

Fact Check: Study Provides NO Conclusive Evidence Vitamin D Protects Against COVID-19. Lead Stories. 2023-02-03. Stuart Ray

President Biden to end emergency declarations for COVID. Hickory Daily Record. 2023-02-01. Lisa Maragakis

January 2023

Study Shows FDA-Approved TB Regimen May Not Work Against the Deadliest Form of TB Due to Multidrug-Resistant Strains. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-01-27. Sanjay Jain

At-home testing for viruses could become a new norm. WMAR Baltimore. 2023-01-24. Lisa Maragakis

Fact check: COVID-19 vaccination decreases chances of hospitalization, contrary to post’s implication. USA Today. 2023-01-24. Stuart Ray

US health officials propose once-a-year COVID-19 vaccines for most Americans. KMSP Fox 9. 2023-01-23. Stuart Ray

Could a parasitic fungus evolve to control humans? National Geographic. 2023-01-20. Shmuel Shoham

Fact check: Experts warn against ingesting hydrogen peroxide, say it can be deadly. USA Today. 2023-01-19. Stuart Ray

Fact Check: Borax is NOT Safe, Effective Treatment for Parasites. Lead Stories. 2023-01-19. Stuart Ray

Hunt for infectious disease treatments takes on new urgency. The Baltimore Banner. 2023-01-18. Matthew Hamill

People struggling with long COVID face increased stigma, new University of Alberta study shows. Sky News. 2023-01-17. Kelly Gebo

Nearly a quarter of travelers flying out of China after ‘zero COVID’ lift were positive for the disease, new report reveals. Fortune Well. 2023-01-17. Stuart Ray

Home Infusion Therapy: Limited Study Shows Lack of Formal Infection-Surveillance Training. Infection Control Today. 2023-01-16. Sara Keller

‘I am worried’: Experts say COVID reinfection accumulates risk for health complications. Express. 2023-01-16 Stuart Ray

‘People aren’t taking this seriously’: Experts say US COVID surge is big risk. The Guardian. 2023-01-15. Stuart Ray

The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute appoints new faculty co-chair and executive director. Johns Hopkins University Hub. 2023-01-12. Amita Gupta

The push for more in-home care options may come with risks. Axios. 2023-01-12. Sara Keller

How Long Are You Protected After A COVID Infection Now? HuffPost. 2023-01-12. Stuart Ray

Key Change in Genetics of SARS-CoV-2 Evolved to Counter Weakness Caused by the Virus’ Initial Mutation that Enabled Its Spread. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-01-12. Andrea Cox

XBB.1.5: What we know so far about the latest omicron subvariant. NewScientist. 2023-01-06. Stuart Ray

As COVID surges in China, US begins testing more travelers. AP News. 2023-01-05. Stuart Ray

How long does COVID last and what stages do sufferers go through? The Independent. 2023-01-04. Lisa Maragakis