March 2023

Justin Bieber and Dianne Feinstein got shingles. What causes it? The Washington Post. 2023-03-08. Stuart Ray

Investigating the Origins of COVID-19: Testimony of Dr. Paul G. Auwaerter before the US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Accountability, Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. 2023-03-08. Paul Auwaerter

Science takes back seat to politics in first House hearing on origin of COVID-19 pandemic. Science. 2023-03-08. Paul Auwaerter

Some people never catch COVID-19. Johns Hopkins scientists use algorithms to find out why. The Baltimore Banner. 2023-03-02. Stuart Ray

‘Revolutionary’ HIV prevention jab set to expand choices for consumers. Devex. 2023-03-01. Sunil Solomon

February 2023

What the ‘lab leak’ theory report about COVID’s origins does and doesn’t mean. ABC News. 2023-02-27. Stuart Ray

Johns Hopkins-Led Convalescent Plasma Study, Published in NEJM in March 2022, Among 2023 Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Awards from Clinical Research Forum. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 2023-02-22. Aaron Tobian, Shmuel Shoham, Oliver Laeyendecker, Kelly Gebo

Paxlovid during pregnancy: Experts weigh safety and potential benefits. Today. 2023-02-22. Kelly Gebo

Research Team Creates Statistical Model to Predict COVID-19 Resistance. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-02-22. Stuart Ray

State Health Board member dismisses concerns about syphilis, HIV, and contraception access. Mississippi Today. 2023-02-20. Khalil Ghanem

Marburg virus, a relative of Ebola with no approved vaccines or treatments, is spreading in West Africa. Here’s what you need to know. Fortune. 2023-02-16. Maryam Keshtkar Jahromi

What’s the Point of PCR Tests Anymore? Time Magazine. 2023-02-16. Yuka Manabe

Thai official: No plans to void Pfizer COVID vaccine contract. Associated Press. 2023-02-07. Stuart Ray

51% of Home-Based Care Organizations Plan to Dive into Higher-Acuity Care Models. Home Health Care News. 2023-02-07. Sara Keller

How Long Does C Difficile Linger in a Hospital Room? One Study Shows a Year. Infection Control Today. 2023-02-06. Geetika Sood

Fact Check: Study Provides NO Conclusive Evidence Vitamin D Protects Against COVID-19. Lead Stories. 2023-02-03. Stuart Ray

President Biden to end emergency declarations for COVID. Hickory Daily Record. 2023-02-01. Lisa Maragakis

January 2023

Study Shows FDA-Approved TB Regimen May Not Work Against the Deadliest Form of TB Due to Multidrug-Resistant Strains. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-01-27. Sanjay Jain

At-home testing for viruses could become a new norm. WMAR Baltimore. 2023-01-24. Lisa Maragakis

Fact check: COVID-19 vaccination decreases chances of hospitalization, contrary to post’s implication. USA Today. 2023-01-24. Stuart Ray

US health officials propose once-a-year COVID-19 vaccines for most Americans. KMSP Fox 9. 2023-01-23. Stuart Ray

Could a parasitic fungus evolve to control humans? National Geographic. 2023-01-20. Shmuel Shoham

Fact check: Experts warn against ingesting hydrogen peroxide, say it can be deadly. USA Today. 2023-01-19. Stuart Ray

Fact Check: Borax is NOT Safe, Effective Treatment for Parasites. Lead Stories. 2023-01-19. Stuart Ray

Hunt for infectious disease treatments takes on new urgency. The Baltimore Banner. 2023-01-18. Matthew Hamill

People struggling with long COVID face increased stigma, new University of Alberta study shows. Sky News. 2023-01-17. Kelly Gebo

Nearly a quarter of travelers flying out of China after ‘zero COVID’ lift were positive for the disease, new report reveals. Fortune Well. 2023-01-17. Stuart Ray

Home Infusion Therapy: Limited Study Shows Lack of Formal Infection-Surveillance Training. Infection Control Today. 2023-01-16. Sara Keller

‘I am worried’: Experts say COVID reinfection accumulates risk for health complications. Express. 2023-01-16 Stuart Ray

‘People aren’t taking this seriously’: Experts say US COVID surge is big risk. The Guardian. 2023-01-15. Stuart Ray

The Gupta-Klinsky India Institute appoints new faculty co-chair and executive director. Johns Hopkins University Hub. 2023-01-12. Amita Gupta

The push for more in-home care options may come with risks. Axios. 2023-01-12. Sara Keller

How Long Are You Protected After A COVID Infection Now? HuffPost. 2023-01-12. Stuart Ray

Key Change in Genetics of SARS-CoV-2 Evolved to Counter Weakness Caused by the Virus’ Initial Mutation that Enabled Its Spread. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2023-01-12. Andrea Cox

XBB.1.5: What we know so far about the latest omicron subvariant. NewScientist. 2023-01-06. Stuart Ray

As COVID surges in China, US begins testing more travelers. AP News. 2023-01-05. Stuart Ray

How long does COVID last and what stages do sufferers go through? The Independent. 2023-01-04. Lisa Maragakis