May 2022

COVID-19 | Metro considers ‘mask only’ cars, Prince George’s County recommends wearing masks inside public places. WUSA9. 2022-05-12. Stuart Ray

Faculty Mentors Needed for CFAR Summer Scholars Program. Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases Announcement. 2022-05-12.

10 executives on quality improvement measures deserving more attention. Becker’s Clinical Leadership & Infection Control. 2022-05-12. Lisa Maragakis

Two from Johns Hopkins elected to National Academy of Sciences. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2022-05-06. Arturo Casadevall

Vision to make SafeZindagi a virtual clinic for the “Swiggy” generation. Express Healthcare (India). 2022-05-06. Sunil Solomon

What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease. Consumer Reports. 2022-05-04. Paul Auwaerter

Getting A Positive COVID Test Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Have It Again, Doctors Say. Women’s Health via Yahoo!life. 2022-05-04. Kawsar Ramsy Talaat

Johns Hopkins Practitioners Form Cycling Team to Benefit Moveable Feast/ Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-05-02. Lisa Scotti, Cynthia Sears

April 2022

Why Breakthrough COVID? Antibodies Fighting Original Virus May Be Weaker Against Omicron. Newswise. 2022-04-29. Andrew Karaba, Oliver Laeyendecker, Andrea Cox, Joel Blankson

Big Cash Payment Boosted COVID Vaccination in the Workplace. MedPage Today. 2022-04-29. Paul Auwaerter

COVID Virus Can Evolve In Animals, Spawn Variants That Can Jump Back To Humans: Scientists. BW Business World (India). 2022-04-28. Amita Gupta

Antibodies fighting original virus may be weaker against omicron. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2022-04-28. Joel Blankson

A needed community ally. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2022-04-26. Kathleen Page

Four Tuberculosis Research Advancement Centers Established. RT Magazine. 2022-04-26.Petros Karakousis, Richard Chaisson

No one safe until all vaccinated for Covid-19: Johns Hopkins scientist. Business Standard. 2022-04-21. Amita Gupta

Scientists allay fears of new Covid wave, say cases rising but focus on hospital admissions.The Print. 2022-04-19. Amita Gupta

The next COVID wave is (probably) here and America is ignoring it: ‘Everybody is sick of COVID’. Fortune. 2022-04-16. Stuart Ray

DC, Arlington County both see COVID community levels increase to ‘medium’. 2022-04-14. Stuart Ray

A Surprising Cause of Abdominal Pain and Other GI Symptoms. Medscape. 2022-04-14. Paul Auwaerter

People With BA.2 Usually Feel This at the Beginning. 2022-04-14. Robert Bollinger

A more contagious variant of Omicron is sweeping across America, but it doesn’t come close to the original’s severity. Fortune. 2022-04-14. Stuart Ray

If You Notice This in the Bathroom, Call Your Doctor Immediately, Officials Warn. 2022-04-12. Paul Auwaerter

Researchers Working with Brewer’s and Baker’s Yeast Species Discover Yeast Self-Destruct Pathway. Newswise. 2022-04-12. Arturo Casadevall

How long do symptoms last? When should you test? A Covid timeline. The New York Times. 2022-04-09. Stuart Ray

Having Covid Can Be Confusing. Here’s What to Expect. The New York Times. 2022-04-08. Stuart Ray

XE variant of coronavirus: What is it? Should you be worried? India Today (India). 2022-04-08. Amita Gupta

Precautionary COVID Shots for Those Over 18: Experts Weigh In on Booster Doses. The Quint (India). 2022-04-08. Amita Gupta

Expert says new COVID XE variant not more severe than Omicron. The Free Press Journal (India) 2022-04-08. Amita Gupta

XE variant of coronavirus not more severe than Omicron: Dr Gagandeep Kang. The New Indian Express (India). 2022-04-07. Amita Gupta

World Health Day 2022 should help us introspect, strengthen the fort with help from all stakeholders. The Times of India. 2022-04-06. Sunil Solomon

N95, KN95, KF94: The Best Masks to Help Avoid COVID-19 Now. Reporter Wings. 2022-04-04. Roberts Bollinger

Returning to pre-pandemic life comes at a cost. Public officials must determine whether to pay it. PhillyVoice. 2022-04-04. Stuart Ray

Johns Hopkins HIV County Program Provides Much Needed Care for Suburban Communities. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-04-01. John Gerwig, David Griffith

Transplant Team Protects Patient Health During COVID19 Pandemic. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-04-01. Robin Avery, William Werbel, Christine Durand

March 2022

Who Really Needs A Second Covid Booster? Here’s What To Know. Associated Press. 2022-03-30. Erica Johnson

Can You Get The BA.2 Subvariant If You’ve Had Covid Recently? Huffington Post. 2022-03-29. Erica Johnson

These 3 Symptoms Could Mean You Have the New COVID Variant, Doctors Warn. 2022-03-29. Erica Johnson

Antibacterials Industry Pipeline Slows to Trickle. Medscape. 2022-03-25. David Thomas, Paul Auwaerter

WHO recommends shortening TB treatment period to 4 months in kids.The Times of India, 2022-03-25. Vidya Mave

These Are the Top Symptoms of the BA.2 Variant, According to Doctors—and the Order They Appear In. Parade Magazine. 2022-03-24. Erica Johnson

Is the BA.2 Variant A Major Cause for Concern? Doctors Weigh In. Parade Magazine. 2022-03-23. Erica Johnson

Vulnerable Communities Last to Be Vaccinated, Treated for COVID. Emergency Management. 2022-03-22. Allison Agwu

Long COVID Upends Lives, Even In The Young And Healthy. Journal Review. 2022-03-22. Clare Rock

News Analysis: COVID-19 surge abroad, high-profile cases serve as reminder to Biden: Pandemic isn’t over. Los Angeles Times. 2022-03-18. Lisa Maragakis

Tuberculosis Vaccine Improves Immune Response to Coronavirus. Medscape. 2022-03-18. William Bishai

Why some Americans haven’t gotten COVID yet and why it’s not inevitable they ever will: Experts. ABC News. 2022-03-18. Stuart Ray

2 Years Into The Pandemic, What Have We Learned? South Florida Reporter. 2022-03-17. Arturo Casadevall

Is the Epstein-Barr Virus Associated With COVID-19? Medscape. 2022-03-17. Paul Auwaerter

Omicron linked to rise in croup in babies; TB vaccine improves immune response to coronavirus. Yahoo! News. William Bishai

Higher Dose Antibiotic Shown Safe in TB Patients Likely More Effective in Treating Deadliest Form of TB. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-03-15. Sanjay Jain

Onsite HCV Care Successfully Delivered to Injection-Drug Users. BreakingMED. 2022-03-14. Oluwaseun Falade-Nwulia

People with immunity to original COVID-19 strain likely have some protection against Omicron: study. CTV News (Canada). 2022-03-12. Andrew Redd

Doctors debate, patients suffer: The fight over chronic Lyme disease in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Public Radio. 2022-03-12. Paul Auwaerter.

Mutations leading to Omicron variant did not enable virus to fully escape immune system. Medical Xpress. 2022-03-11. Andrew Redd

Her IBS Was Misery. But What If She Actually Had Something Else? The New York Times. 2022-03-10. Mamuka Machaidze

Doctors debate, patients suffer: The fight over chronic Lyme disease in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Watch. 2022-03-10. Paul Auwaerter

Once Viewed as a Promising COVID-19 Treatment, Convalescent Plasma Falls Out of Favor. JAMA. 2022-03-09. Arturo Casadevall

COVID-19 and the Path to Endemicity. Clinical Advisor. 2022-03-09. Erica Johnson

Johns Hopkins reaches key juncture on Roadmap journey. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2022-03-09. Damani Piggott

Clinic-based Versus Hotspot-focused Active TB Case Finding. 2022-03-09. Emily Kendall

Healers provide bridge to biomedical healthcare while reshaping sexual health in contemporary Uganda. EurekAlert! 2022-03-08. Larry Chang

The Latest On Russia-Ukraine War and COVID Boosters. The Leslie Marshall Show. 2022-03-08. Robert Bollinger

COVID-19 global deaths pass 6 million. KYMA-TV. 2022-03-08. Stuart Ray

Measles Drop in Pandemic May Generate False Sense of Security. Medscape. Erica Johnson

Virus Experts Caution This is What May Happen Next. Eat This, Not That! 2022-03-04. Stuart Ray

COVID-19 appears destined to become endemic, but that won’t make it harmless. PhillyVoice. 2022-03-03. Stuart Ray

2021 End of Year PEPFAR Uganda Science Summit: Scientific and Programmatic Highlights on HIV&TB. US Embassy in Uganda. 2022-03-03. Steve Reynolds

COVID-19 pandemic vs. endemic: What’s the difference, and why it matters. Yahoo! News. 2022-03-03. Natasha Chida

2 New COVID-19 Vaccines Nearing Approval: How They’re Different. Healthline. 2022-03-02. Robert Bollinger

The state of the pandemic is confusing. POLITICO. 2022-03-01. Erica Johnson

CDC: Waiting 8 Weeks Between COVID Vaccine Doses Reduces Risk of Myocarditis. Verywell. 2022-03-01. Paul Auwaerter

Online posts tout fake hydroxychloroquine recipes. Fact Check – AFP (France). 2022-03-01. Richard Chaisson

Patient Safety Program Reduces Unnecessary Antibiotic Use in Long-Term Care Facilities. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-03-01. Morgan Katz, Sara Cosgrove

February 2022

Hospitals plan to continue mask wearing, regardless of updated CDC guidance. Crain’s Detroit Business. 2022-02-28. Lisa Maragakis

What multiple vaccinations really do to your body. Telegraph Magazine (UK). 2022-02-28. William Werbel

It’s safe to unmask in many places, says the CDC. These experts aren’t quite ready. ABC News. 2022-02-25. Lisa Maragakis

Coronavirus FAQ: I’m a one-way masker. With mask mandates going away, is that helpful? National Public Radio. 2022-02-25. Lisa Maragakis

COVID-19 and the Path to Endemicity. Infectious Diseases Advisor. 2022-02-25. Erica Johnson

Why the US may not be able to drop COVID restrictions like the UK. Yahoo! News. 2022-02-25. Stuart Ray

From Delta to Omicron: Symptoms that were common with different variants. The Times of India. 2022-02-20. Stuart Ray

COVID Symptoms Most Often Appear in This Order. Eat This, Not That! 2022-02-29. Lisa Maragakis

Philly’s Department of Public Health calls out Nicki Minaj on Twitter over prior COVID-19 vaccine posts. PhillyVoice. 2022-02-18. Arturo Casadevall

Experts Warn Against Treating COVID As Inevitable. Verywell. 2022-02-18. Kelly Gebo

Current mRNA vaccines may elicit immune responses to other bat coronaviruses, study finds. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2022-02-18. Joel Blankson

New finding may aid in development of vaccines against future animal-to-human viral diseases. The Medical News. 2022-02-17. Joel Blankson

Did Fauci Say More COVID-19 Boosters Could Be Recommended? Snopes. 2022-02-17. Andrew Karaba

Is the ‘stealth’ omicron subvariant something to worry about? Here’s what the experts say. Florida Today. 2022-02-16. Stuart Ray

Long COVID risk factors may be detectable at initial diagnosis. MDalert. 2022-02-16. Matthew Robinson

In a country plagued by COVID-19, low-income immigrants struggle in the shadows. Center for Health Journalism. 2022-02-16. Kathleen Page

Sars-Cov-2 Protein Targeted by Immune Cells Also Triggers Response in Bat Coronaviruses. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-02-16 Joel Blankson

A Third Person Living With HIV Has Been Cured by Transplant. Medscape. 2022-02-15. Allison Agwu

How 10 million high-risk Americans are coping with the pandemic. National Geographic. 2022-02-14. Lisa Maragakis

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists help probe HIV’s durability. Yahoo! News. 2022-02-13. Robert Siliciano

Statewide mask mandates are disappearing, but should you continue to wear one anyway? CNN International. 2022-02-11. Erica Johnson

How are COVID-19 deaths counted, and what does this mean? Medical News Today. 2022-02-11. Arturo Casadevall

Should you still be wearing a mask? Ohio News Time. 2022-02-09. Erica Johnson

Bloomberg Daybreak: February 9, 2022 – Hour 1 (Radio). Bloomberg. 2022-02-09. Stuart Ray

Covid 19 Omicron outbreak editorial: No telling how Covid might affect each of us. New Zealand Herald. 2022-02-08. Lisa Maragakis

Study suggests convalescent plasma may be safe COVID-19 treatment for high risk children. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2022-02-08. Sanjay Jain

COVID treatment warrants a fresh look. Star Tribune via Daily Jefferson County Union. 2022-02-08. Kelly Gebo

Metabolism of COVID-19 Antibodies from Convalescent Plasma Suggests Possible Safe Treatment for High Risk Children. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2022-02-07. Shmuel Shoham, Aaron Tobian, Arturo Casadevall, Sanjay Jain

Experts Warn of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea. MedicineNet. 2022-02-06. Thomas Quinn.

Many Young Americans With HIV Delay Treatment: Study. MedicineNet. 2022-02-06. Allison Agwu

How to Make the Pandemic Better for the Immune Compromised. The New York Times. 2022-02-03. William Werbel

Tracking the cells that host HIV. Scienmag Science Magazine. 2022-02-03. Robert Siliciano

Dr. Fauci Says This Is Now the Best Case Scenario for Ending COVID. Yahoo! Lifestyle. 2022-02-03. Stuart Ray

Bringing Precision Medicine into COVID-19 ICUs. inHealth Chronicles. 2022-02-03. Matthew Robinson

Who gets an organ transplant? Waitlist rules are complicated. Popular Science. 2022-02-03. Olivia Kates

Amita Gupta Named Director of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases. Johns Hopkins Medicine. Amita Gupta, David Thomas

How much Covid immunity is out there? Figuring out is crucial — and complicated. NBC News. 2022-02-02. Stuart Ray

Pandemic Year 3: Infectious Disease Experts Weigh In. Snopes. 2022-02-02. Andrew Karaba

What Is Spinal Meningitis? Here’s How People Get This Uncommon but Serious Infection. 2022-02-02. Paul Auwaerter

Other Viruses Rebound When Pandemic Restrictions Ease. MedPage Today. 2022-02-01. Paul Auwaerter

Bloomberg Daybreak: February 1, 2022 – Hour 1 (Radio). Bloomberg. 2022-02-01. Stuart Ray