Malaria Research Institute


The Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute is the hub for a community of multidisciplinary researchers dedicated to treat, control, and eradicate this deadly disease.


Faculty Researchers

Matthew Ippolito, MD

Matthew Ippolito, MD is an assistant professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute.  His research is field-based in southern and central Africa, centered on antimalarial drug pharmacology and clinical epidemiology of falciparum malaria. Ippolito Research Dashboard and Publications

David Sullivan, Jr., MD

David Sullivan, Jr., MD is a professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute.  His research focuses on malaria diagnosis, drugs, molecular biology related to iron, and pathology related to severe anemia.  Dr. Sullivan’s lab continues to test and develop novel malaria diagnostics, from real-time PCR to new urine or saliva detection platforms.  This includes the adaptation of immuno-PCR (antibody coupled to DNA for PCR detection) to malaria and a lead blood stage drug that contains a quinine derivative used to treat malaria in the 1930s. Sullivan Research Dashboard and Publications