ID Fellowships

We offer ACGME accredited and ACGME equivalent fellowship programs for postdoctoral fellows, with an emphasis on research and clinical training. Both domestic and international students with the appropriate credentials are accepted into our fellowship programs. Candidates are encouraged to explore our websites for additional information.


Adult Infectious Diseases Fellowship

Since 1981, the Division of Infectious Diseases has offered an ACGME accredited postdoctoral fellowship with an emphasis on adult clinical care and research. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers, holding faculty positions and assuming leadership positions within the field.

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship

This fellowship is offered by a separate Division. Those seeking Pediatric ID Fellowships are encouraged to connect with that program.

Fellowships combining both pediatric and adult aspects may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Persons interested in a combined fellowship are encouraged to contact our ACGME Adult ID Fellowship program.

Transplant and Oncology Infectious Diseases Fellowship (TOID)

Since its organization in 2008, the Johns Hopkins ACGME equivalent TOID Fellowship has been recognized as a primary training site for TOID. The program has hosted visiting clinicians, fellows, medical school students, and undergraduates for electives in the subspecialty. For more information, contact Darin Ostrander at (410) 614-6702,