JHU Transplant and Oncology Infectious Diseases Team Shines at National Conference

Members of the Johns Hopkins Transplant and Oncology ID (TOID) team enjoyed some well-deserved recognition at this week’s American Transplant Congress (ACT) in San Diego:

* Robin Avery, MD, (at right in photo) was honored with the prestigious ACT Mentoring Award, which recognizes outstanding mentors in the field of transplantation whose dedicated leadership and contributions have shaped the career paths of individuals who have trained under their guidance.

* TOID team members Andrew Karaba, MD, PhD; Bill Werbel, MD, PhD; Christine Durand, MD; and Olivia Kates, MD, MA, gave fantastic talks.

* The HOPE in Action Study had a number of triumphant moments throughout the week, and kudos go to Christine Durand, Bill Werbel, Darin Ostrander, PhD, Willa Cochran, CRNP, and the many others involved in this ground-breaking work.

* Darin Ostrander presented a poster on behalf of Willa Cochran and former TOID research fellow Sonsoles Salto-Alejandre on early bebtelovimab administration, highlighting the amazing work of the nurse-driven monoclonal antibody program.

* Two papers by Nate Permpalung, MD, MPH, were included in the meeting’s top transplant ID papers session.

* Bill Werbel gave a plenary presentation on infections in the HOPE in Action Study that won the ACT People’s Choice Award.

The TOID team would also like to give special thanks to their colleagues who graciously stayed in Baltimore to provide superior care to patients so that others could attend the conference.