Precision ID Center Of Excellence

The convergence of innovations in data science, clinical measurement, and medical record keeping open a new exciting era of medicine. Rapid innovation in natural language processing along with advances in hardware and firmware make possible the interrogation of health information for multiple purposes. These advances coincide with an explosion in the type and scope of medical data. For each person, there is an enormous accumulating personal health database. We aim to harness that information to improve our efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat infectious diseases.

The core activity is the ID Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (ID PMAP). Approved by the Johns Hopkins Institutional Review Board, ID PMAP is a secure, virtual database of patient outcomes. These data elements are curated and updated regularly in a protected environment making them much more accessible for inquiries. Investigators seeking to ask questions that can be answered by these data are invited to email inquiries to [email protected]. Inquiries should specify the question to be asked or the quality measure being tracked, the other investigators involved, and the data elements requested and how they will be used. An example is provided.

Faculty Researchers

Paul Auwaerter, MD



Sara Cosgrove, MD, MS



Christine Durand, MD



Amita Gupta, MD



Eili Klein, PhD



Richard Moore, MD



Darin Ostrander, PhD



Stuart Ray, MD



Matt Robinson, MD



Mark Sulkowski, MD



David Thomas, MD



William Werbel, MD




The analytics team