COVID-19 PreClinical Research Discovery Fund

COVID-19 PreClinical Discovery Awards Announcement


Paul Auwaerter, MD, Fisher Center Director and Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Diseases and Mark Sulkowski, MD, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases Johns Hopkins Bayview, are the Therapeutics team leaders for the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Research Response Program.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins University has funded the COVID-19 Pre-clinical Research Discovery Fund (C19PcRDF), which has awarded four grants of up to $50,000 each.  These awards are meant to stimulate innovative research that may lead to further translational or clinical efforts.  Under the leadership of the COVID Therapeutics Team, applications were received from 46 investigators across the University, resulting in a highly competitive review.  The following four proposals were selected.  The COVID Therapeutics Team and the University thank all applicants and the reviewers for their significant work, thoughtfulness and support of this program.  We extend our congratulations to the following grant recipients.

C19PcRDF Awarded Projects

PISchoolDepartmentProject Title
Anthony K.L. Leung, Ph.D.Public HealthBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyDeveloping macrodomain inhibitor for the treatment of COVID19 and other coronavirus infections
Susan Michaelis, Ph.D.MedicineCell BiologyMechanism of Protection from Viral Infection by the Integral Membrane Zinc Metalloprotease ZMPSTE24
Linda Resar, M.D.MedicineMedicine, HematologyHMGA1-NF-KB Complexes in COVID19-induced Inflammatory Lung Disease
Maxim Rosario, M.D., Ph.D.MedicinePathologyPre-clinical design and testing of a T cell-mediated vaccine for COVID-19