June 2024

Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases 2023 Annual Report

HCV Treatment Disparities: What Contributes to Gaps in Health Care Access? Gastroenterology Advisor. 2024-06-07. Seun Falade-Nwulia, Stuart Ray

US clinical trials begin for twice-yearly HIV prevention injection. National Institutes of Health News Release. 2024-06-04. Sunil Solomon

A Guide to Managing Covid This Summer. The New York Times. 2024-06-03. Paul Auwaerter

May 2024

As Lyme disease cases increase, so does promise of a new vaccine. Healio. 2024-05-30. Paul Auwaerter

Carbapenems commonly used in Enterobacterales infections despite guidance. Healio. 2024-05-22. Morgan Walker

Unlocking the Secrets of Colon Cancer. Johns Hopkins Dome. 2024-05-13. Cynthia Sears, Jessica Queen

Overcoming Treatment Barriers for People with Infectious Diseases and Substance Use Disorders. Johns Hopkins Dome. 2024-05-03. Seun Falade-Nwulia

California city declares a public health emergency after tuberculosis sickens 14. NBC News. 2024-05-07. Richard Chaisson

Landmark WHO paper suggests sharing your glass with a sick person WON’T always give you a cold or Covid. Daily Mail. 2024-05-02. Stuart Ray

April 2024

What to Know About Babesiosis, a Tick-Borne Disease That’s on the Rise. Consumer Reports. 2024-04-22. Paul Auwaerter

Six Johns Hopkins researchers named AAAS Fellows. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2024-04-18. Cindy Sears

Long-Acting Drugs May Revolutionize HIV Prevention and Treatment. The New York Times. 2024-04-17. Charles Flexner

Changing the Rules: HIV Positive & Donating Organs. WALB News 10. 2024-04-15. Christine Durand

Drug testing is being done at Bharatpur Hospital for COVID-19 patients. Ekantipur. 2024-04-02. Kunchok Dorjee

Syphilis: An age-old disease stalking modern America. Financial Times. 2024-04-01. Khalil Ghanem

March 2024

2023 Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards of Excellence. Johns Hopkins Medicine. 2024-03-29. Aaron Milstone, Christopher Lippincott

Puerto Rico Just Declared a Public Health Emergency Due to Dengue, What to Know. Healthline. 2024-03-29. Robert Bollinger

CDC, AMA Issue Calls to Get Vaccinated Against Measles. HealthDay. 2024-03-19. Lisa Maragakis, Aaron Milstone

LISTEN NOW | Public Health On Call Podcast, Episode 734: How Hospital Infection Control Has Changed Since COVID. 2024-03-18. Lisa Maragakis

A Pill That Kills Ticks is a Promising New Weapon Against Lyme Disease. Wired. 2024-03-15. Paul Auwaerter

Baltimore Safe Haven gets funding boost for HIV education, outreach. The Baltimore Sun. 2024-03-15. Seun Falade-Nwulia

Getting measles is not safer and more efficient than getting vaccinated. Logically Facts. 2024-03-14. Lisa Maragakis, Aaron Milstone

Inexperience Diagnosing Syphilis Adding to Higher Rates. Medscape. 2024-03-13. Khalil Ghanem

Rubio questions CDC on use of antibiotic as prophylactic against STIs. Washington Examiner. 2024-03-13. Matthew Hamill

Urgent warning after man dies from deadly medieval disease that can be carried by cats and dogs–signs to look out for. The US Sun. 2024-03-10. Robert Bollinger

Promising Outcomes with HIV Treatment Started Promptly After Birth: Deborah Persaud Presents at CROI 2024 (video). NIAID Newsroom. 2024-03-07. Deborah Persaud

Taking Action Against Antibiotic Resistance. Johns Hopkins Medicine News. 2024-03-04. Sara Cosgrove, Valeria Fabre, Morgan Katz

CDC winds down much of remaining COVID-19 guidance. Some remain hesitant of change. CBS News. 2024-03-01. Stuart Ray

CDC Recommends Seniors Get Another COVID-19 Vaccine Dose This Spring. Everyday Health. 2024-03-01. Stuart Ray

February 2024

Norovirus surge in US causes over 1,000 students to miss school. Scripps News. 2024-02-29. Stuart Ray

Norovirus Cases Rise in the US. The New York Times. 2024-02-29. Stuart Ray

Your 2024 Guide to COVID Symptoms and Treatment. The New York Times. 2024-02-26. Stuart Ray

Highly Contagious Norovirus Spreads in the US. Everyday Health. 2024-02-26. Stuart Ray

The United States was on course to eliminate syphilis. Now it’s surging. ScienceNews. 2024-02-22. Allison Agwu

First Fatal Case of Alaskapox Reported. Everyday Health. 2024-02-21. Stuart Ray

4 Signs You May Actually Have Two Illnesses at the Same Time. HuffPost. 2024-02-21. Stuart Ray

A person in Oregon caught bubonic plague from their cat. Why experts say not to worry. USA Today. 2024-02-16. Robert Bollinger

CDC may recommend a spring Covid booster for some groups. NBC News. 2024-02-15. William Werbel

Oldest Patient ‘Cured’ of HIV Still in Remission 5 Years After Transplant for AML. MedPage Today. 2024-02-14. Joel Blankson

Rapid COVID-19 tests done at home are reliable, study finds. Johns Hopkins Hub. 2024-02-14. Yuka Manabe, Matthew Robinson

Hiker kills rabid coyote with bare hands following attack in Rhode Island. CBS News. 2024-02-13. Noreen Hynes

HepEquity Blog: Black History Month and International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024. Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination. 2024-02-11. Risha Irvin, Seun Falade-Nwulia

Fact Check: Inhaling Steam from Citrusy Concoction Does NOT Prevent COVID-19. Lead Stories. 2024-02-06. Stuart Ray

January 2024

Dr. Kunchok Dorjee: Leading the Charge in the Fight Against TB. Nunchi Health. 2024-01-26. Kunchok Dorjee

Exploring Sex-Specific Features of HIV. Johns Hopkins Medicine Dome. 2024-01-25. Eileen Scully

Florida has low rate of nursing home residents getting new COVID shot. Tampa Bay Times. 2024-01-24. Morgan Katz

Why are painful blisters from shingles appearing on people under 50? Discover. 2024-01-22. Paul Auwaerter

Doctor helped HIV patients in the 1980s. Now 87, he’s working on a cure with Maryland firm. The Baltimore Sun. 2024-01-18. Joel Blankson

SMART4TB Announces Partners in Developing Groundbreaking Oral, Non-Sputum-Based Molecular Tests for Tuberculosis. SMART4TB Press Release. 2024-01-09. Yuka Manabe

‘Pirola’ JN.1 is the probably future of the COVID pandemic, experts warn–but you didn’t hear it from the WHO. Fortune. 2024-01-04. Stuart Ray