HIV/AIDS Research

First reported in the United States in 1981, AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency virus).  HIV weakens a person’s ability to fight infections by weakening the immune system.

Although not curable, HIV is a manageable, chronic disease.  Our dedicated HIV researchers conduct basic and clinical research to improve HIV/AIDS prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and complication management.  Our research goals are advancement of our knowledge of this disease and improved clinical care of patients.

HIV Virus
Image Source: NIH

Centers of Excellence

AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG)

The ACTG conducts inpatient and outpatient clinical research related to HIV infection.

Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)     

To enhance the integration and productivity of Johns Hopkins University HIV/AIDS research, CFAR promoted inter-disciplinary innovation and collaboration for creating synergy and efficiencies across disciplines and university divisions, partner institutions, and the Mid-Atlantic CFAR Consortium.

Faculty Researchers

Whether seeking a research collaborator, mentor, or research information, we invite you to explore the biographies of our investigators.

Faculty Researchers A-L


Faculty Researchers M-Z

Charitable Giving

The Michael Del Bianco Fund provides direct funding for HIV patient care needs not supported by other means, such as medications, housing, or other expenses.

Michael Del Bianco Fund

John Bartlett Specialty Practice Fund supports clinical activities for the entire ID practice, including patient and staff activities.

John Bartlett Specialty Practice Fund

Dr. John Bartlett HIV/AIDS Fund supports young trainees and junior faculty in the division, helping them transition to their independent careers.

Dr. John Bartlett HIV/AIDS Fund

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