Mycology Translational Research Lab

The Mycology Translational Research Laboratory is dedicated to translational research on various aspects of fungal diseases. On-going research projects in the laboratory focus on bench-to-bedside translation of observations from immunology and pathogenesis into development of diagnostic and treatment approaches.  Work on immunodiagnostics have led to multiple technologies that have been licensed for diagnostic developments.  Currently, infections of emphasis include invasive mold infections and histoplasmosis. The laboratory currently also serves as a major hub for specimen processing and repository maintenance in support of a multicenter cohort study designed to characterize disease caused by Cryptococcus species in people who do not have HIV infection as underlying disease.  This multicenter “CINCH” study uses a novel network of infectious diseases experts across the United States to prospectively identify and characterize fungal infections that are under-studied and in need of better diagnostics and therapies.

Research Staff

Kausik Datta, PhD

Senior Research Specialist; Datta Research Dashboard and Publications

Charitable Giving

The Pamela Cresson Tucker Fund promotes the scholarship of women students, fellows, residents, and early career faculty engaged in research on the infectious complications of the immunocompromised host, particularly transplant medicine and oncology.

Pamela Cresson Tucker Fund