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HIV Virus
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Faculty Researchers, M-Z

Yukari Manabe, MD

Yukari Manabe, MD, Professor of Medicine,  evaluates the accuracy of rapid, point-of-care diagnostics for HIV, tuberculosis and related infectious diseases in resource-limited settings particularly sub-Saharan Africa and examines the impact of diagnostic interventions on disease detection and patient outcomes.  She is the Medical Director, John G Bartlett Specialty Practice; Associate Director of Global Health Research and Innovation; Clinical Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health.  Manabe Research Dashboard and Publications

Joseph Margolick, MD, PhD

Joseph Margolick, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Public health, is currently engaged in studies that include ALIVE (AIDS Linked to the IntraVenous Experience) and SHIELD (The Study of HIV Infection in the Etiology of Lung Disease)Margolick Research Dashboard and Publications

Vidya Mave, MD, MPH

Vidya Mave, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, serves as director and clinical research site (CRS) leader of the NIH-funded Baltimore-Washington-India HIV and Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit (BWI-CTU), a collaborative research partnership in Pune, India that is part of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) and the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Trials Network (IMPAACT). Mave Research Dashboard and Publications

Robin McKenzie, MD

Robin McKenzie, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, research is focused on HIV, enteric infections, and vaccines. McKenzie Research Dashboard and Publications

Michael Melia, MD

Michael Melia, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, has a clinical and research interest in HIV.  He is the Director of the Adult Infectious Diseases Fellowship. Melia Research Dashboard and Publications

Richard Moore, MD

Richard Moore, MD, Professor of Medicine, is recognized for mentorship in HIV/AIDS research.  His research includes the epidemiology of substance abuse and alcoholism and HIV treatment outcomes. Moore Research Dashboard and Publications

William Osburn, MS, PhD

William Osburn, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, studies adaptive and cellular immune responses during acute HCV and HBV infection as well as HCV/HIV coinfection. Osburn Research Dashboard and Publications

Kathleen Page, MD

Kathleen Page, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, examines the impact of bovine colostrum (BC) on immune activation and HIV susceptibility, and aims to develop a point-of-care diagnostic test for histoplasmosis. Page Research Dashboard and Publications

Damani Piggott, MD, PhD

Damani Piggott, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Graduate Biomedical Education and Graduate Student Diversity, is focused on the elucidation of biological and behavioral pathways to promote healthy aging among persons living with HIV.  His particular focus has been on those most severely affected by the HIV epidemic, namely socially marginalized, disadvantaged, vulnerable and resource-constrained HIV-infected communities. Piggott Research Dashboard and Publications

Thomas C. Quinn, MD

Thomas C. Quinn, MD, Professor of Medicine, conducts research on the epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinical features of HIV/AIDS internationally, which includes the interaction between STDs and tropical diseases on the natural history and spread of HIV/AIDS in developing countries. He is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health. Quinn Research Dashboard and Publications

Stuart Ray, MD

Stuart Ray, MD, Professor of Medicine, Oncology, and Health Sciences Informatics, has an interest in HIV sequence variation during antiretroviral therapy in a productive collaboration with Dr. Robert Siliciano.  He also conducts chronic viral hepatitis (HBV and HCV) as it is a major cause of liver disease worldwide, and an increasing cause of death in persons living with HIV/AIDS. He is the Director, Virology Research Laboratory, Viral Hepatitis Center; Vice Chair of Medicine for Data Integrity and Analytics; and Scientific Director of the JHU Laboratory for Integrated NanoDiagnostics. Ray Research Dashboard and Publications

Steven Reynolds, MD, MPH

Steven Reynolds, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine. is responsible for building new programs from foundations including administrative set-up, expansion of laboratory and data management capacity and developing and implementing the clinical and laboratory research agenda in Uganda.  As a senior clinician, he provides HIV care and treatment at Rakai Health Sciences Program and at the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala.  In 2018, he received an Ambassador Meritorious Honor Award from the US Embassy in Uganda in recognition of his dedication to service in Uganda since 2003. Reynolds Research Dashboard and Publications

Janet Siliciano, PhD

Janet Siliciano, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, focuses on HIV, including CD4-positive T lymphocytes, virus latency and highly active antiretrovirals.  She explores the challenges of detecting HIV persistence during potentially curative interventions and the multifactorial nature of HIV-1 latency. J Siliciano Research Dashboard and Publications

Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD

Robert Siliciano, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, identified the latent reservoir for HIV in resting CD4+ T cells.  This reservoir is the major barrier to curing HIV infection and is the focus of an intense international research effort in which Dr. Siliciano’s lab plays a key role.  He has joint appointments in the Departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics and Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences, and Biology. R Siliciano bio Howard Hughes Medical Institute; R Siliciano Research Dashboard and Publications

Eileen Scully, MD, PhD

Eileen Scully, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, notes HIV infection disrupts the innate immune response disabling protective responses and leading to pathologic inflammation. Her lab is investigating several features of innate immunity in HIV with the goals of: (1) identifying mechanisms of innate immune reprogramming in HIV (2) developing strategies to harness innate immune effector function for HIV cure and (3) defining the contribution of biological sex to variations in HIV immunopathology. Scully Research Dashboard and Publications

Sunil Suhas Solomon, MBBS, MPH, PhD

Sunil Suhas Solomon, MBBS, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, studies the epidemiology and clinical management of HIV and co-infections with hepatitis viruses and tuberculosis.

Mark Sulkowski, MD

Mark Sulkowski, MD, Professor of Medicine, conducts clinical research on HBV/HIV and HCV/HIV coinfections.  He is the Medical Director of the Viral Hepatitis Center and is the Associate Dean for Research in the Capital Region. Sulkowski Research Dashboard and Publications

Chloe L Thio, MD

Chloe L Thio, MD, Professor of Medicine, conducts research on the human genetic variation affecting the outcomes of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viral infections, treatment and virology of HBV and HIV coinfection, and HBV immunology and virology with the goal of HBV cure.  Thio Research Dashboard and Publications

David L. Thomas, MD, MPH

David L. Thomas, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, research interests include HCV/HIV coinfection, the pathogenesis of chronic viral liver disease and roles of HIV and host genetics on outcomes, as well as the elimination of viral hepatitis and virome as a component of the host microbiome.  He is the Director, Division of Infectious Diseases. Thomas Research Dashboard and Publications

Aaron Tobian, MD, PhD

Aaron Tobian, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, has an established global research program that studies HIV and other adverse events associated with blood transfusion. Tobian Research Dashboard and Publications

Ethel Weld, MD

Ethel Weld, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, conducts research on the clinical pharmacologic aspects of the prevention and treatment of HIV and treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Weld Research Dashboard and Publications

Jonathan Zenilman, MD

Jonathan Zenilman, MD, Professor of Medicine, conducts clinical research on sexually transmitted infections and HIV prevention.  He is the Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Zenilman Research Dashboard and Publications

Charitable Giving

The Michael Del Bianco Fund provides direct funding for HIV patient care needs not supported by other means, such as medications, housing, or other expenses.

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Dr. John Bartlett HIV/AIDS Fund supports young trainees and junior faculty in the division, helping them transition to their independent careers.

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