David & Suzanne Thomas Lectureship


David and Suzanne Thomas pose in an urban waterfront setting. He is wearing a black parka and she is wrapped in a pink plaid shawl. They are smiling.
David & Suzanne Thomas

Established in 2022 by faculty of the Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases, the David & Suzanne Thomas Lectureship Fund honors the Thomas family.

Having joined Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1990 as an infectious diseases fellow, and now renowned internationally for his work in viral hepatitis epidemiology, comorbidities, and genetics, David L. Thomas, MD, MPH, served as the 6th Division Chief from 2006-2021. Suzanne Thomas (d. 2020), was a passionate advocate for global health, refugee rights, music, and education.  

Dr. Thomas was promoted to Professor of Medicine in 2003, elected to the American Association of Physicians in 2011, and named the Stanhope Bayne-Jones Professor of Medicine in 2006. The Thomas family spent a year in Uganda in 2000, where Dave served as the Research Director of the Infectious Diseases Institute.   

 Dr. Thomas’s tenure as Division Chief is marked by transformational growth. Under his leadership, the division’s clinical operations and research portfolio expanded to include more than 450 employees, take on emerging patient care and research challenges including transplant & oncology ID, COVID, and emerge as a global leader in HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, antimicrobial-resistant and hospital acquired infections, and related issues.  

David and Suzanne Thomas are posed at their dining room table, surrounded by a group of Johns Hopkins faculty and infectious diseases fellows. Everyone is smiling.Dedicated to career mentorship, Dr. Thomas is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Walter E. Stamm Mentor Award, conferred by the Infectious Diseases Society of America in recognition of exemplary mentorship and professional guidance, and the 2021 recipient of the Susan M. MacDonald Sponsorship Award, conferred by the Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine for active support and guidance for career advancement among women clinicians and scientists within the department.

The faculty, staff, and fellows of the Division of Infectious Diseases recognize and honor the Thomases for their commitment to and impact on patient health and equity globally, and for fostering curiosity, passion, and advancement among the lives they’ve touched.