2022 Infections & Immunotherapy Symposium


October 11, 2022, 12:30 – 5:00 PM EDT

Dr. John Murphy poses in a blue shirt. He is smiling.Celebrating the 81st birthday of
Dr. John R. Murphy, Professor of Medicine

In honor of his impact on infectious diseases and cancer immunotherapy over a long and eminently successful career


12:30-12:40 pm: Welcome
Amita Gupta MD, MPH   |  Bill Bishai, MD, PhD

Session 1
Chairs: Jessica Boyd, PhD (St. Marys University) & Deborah Zucker, MD, PhD (Tufts)

12:40-1:05: Host-microbe relationships: Close encounters of many kinds
David Relman, MD, Professor, Stanford University

1:05-1:30: Vibrio cholerae, its phages and pathogenesis
John Mekalanos, PhD. Professor, Harvard Medical School

1:30-1:55: Toxins and Colon Cancer:  How Enteric Bacteria Matter
Cynthia Sears, MD, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

1:55-2:20: Reflections on Jack Murphy and the Pathogenesis of  Bacillary Dysentery
Gerald Keusch, MD, Professor, Boston University

2:20-2:45: Whatever happened to the house that Jack built?
Emerging Infectious Disease Discovery Research in the NEIDL
Ron Corley, PhD, Professor, Boston University

2:45-3:00  |  Break

Session 2
Chairs:  John Love MD, PhD (Butler, PA), Sadiya Parveen, PhD (JHU)

3:00-3:25: Role of immunological memory in allograft rejection
Fadi Lakkis, MD, Professor, University of Pittsburgh

3:25-3:50: Harnessing the potency of diphtheria toxin to fight cancer: The Ontak story
William Bishai, MD, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

3:50-4:10: Title Immunotherapies for T cell lymphoma
Francine Foss, MD, Professor, Yale School of Medicine

4:10-4:35: Surviving an aggressive t-cell lymphoma: A patient’s experience
Rob Shickel, Founder, My Chronic Cancer, LLC; Nova BioSystems

4:35-5:00: The role of regulatory t cells in anti-tumor immunity
Drew Pardoll, MD, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine