IDWeek 2023 Agenda: Friday

Friday, October 13

Headed to Boston? You can catch ID Division faculty and colleagues on Friday at the sessions below!


IDWeek 2023 Agenda Home  |  Wednesday, October 11  |  Thursday, October 12   |  Saturday, October 14

8:00 am–9:00 am  |  Location: 104 ABC
98 – New ID Diagnostics in the Pipeline: Symposium
Trish Simner: Moderator 

8:00 am–9:00 am  |  Location: 254 AB
99 – A Second Chance: Transplantation in People with HIV: Meet the Professor
Christine Durand: Speaker: 1027 – A Second Chance: Transplantation in PWH – Presentation 2 

8:00 am–9:00 am  |  Location: 107 ABC
100 – Addressing Complex COVID-19 Management Issues in Special Populations: Meet the Professor
Veronica Dioverti: Speaker: 1029 – Complex Cases in Other Immunosuppressed Hosts Including HIV 

8:00 am–9:00 am  |  Location: 204 AB
101 – Chalk Talks: Putting Strategies for Success Into Practice: Meet the Professor
Michael Melia: Moderator 

8:00 am–9:00 am  |  Location: 160 AB
103 – Don’t Get Mad, Get Ethics: Practical Bioethics for Challenging Situations in Infectious Diseases: Meet the Professor
Olivia Kates: Moderator | Speaker: 1050 – Philosopher-Doctors: Why ID Raises so Many Ethical Questions (And What We Can Do About It) 

8:00 am–9:00 am  |  Location: 157 ABC
107 – Stewarding the Use of Novel Beta-Lactam Antibiotics: Meet the Professor
Pranita Tamma: Moderator 

10:15 am–11:00 am  |  Location: Learning Lounge 1
AE-40 – Chasing the Changes: Protecting the Vulnerable: Learning Lounge 1 Supported By Invivyd, Inc.
Veronica Dioverti: Sponsored Speaker 

10:30 am–11:45 am  |  Location: 153 ABC
111 – Ensuring HCV Treatment Reaches All Patients: Symposium
Michael Melia: Moderator
Risha Irvin: Speaker: 1052 – HCV Testing and Treatment in Justice-involved Populations 

10:30 am–11:45 am  |  Location: 210 ABC
116 – Putting the Patient in Charge: The Present and Future of Self-Testing: Symposium
Yukari Manabe: Moderator | Speaker: 1086 – Increasing Access to STI Testing: Home Self-collection and Testing 

10:30 am–11:45 am  |  Location: 258 ABC
119 – Mind blown: Challenging HIV Clinical Cases: Interactive Session
Maunank Shah: Panelist 

10:30 am–11:45 am  |  Location: 252 AB
122 – Pediatric Viral Infections: Oral Abstract
Aaron Milstone: Moderator 

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1240) Perceptions of Antimicrobial Stewardship and Antibiotic Use by Healthcare Workers in Latin America. Poster Session S1. Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Development and Implementation
Valeria Fabre: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1282) Evaluation of Opportunities for Implementing OVIVA Criteria on Patients with Bone and Joint Infections (BJIs) in Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT). Poster Session C2. Bone and Joint
Garrett Crawford, ID Pharm Resident: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1449) Evaluation of Cloud-Based Automated Analytic Pipelines for Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis of Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Organism Outbreaks. Poster Session N11. Health Care-Associated Infections: Outbreaks
Emily Jacobs: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1508) The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Depression Severity and Viral Load Non-suppression among People with HIV Accessing Care in an Urban Infectious Disease Clinic in Baltimore, MD. Poster Session H5. HIV: Complications and Co-infections
Tarfa Verinumbe, Research Fellow: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1580) A National Prospective HIV Provider Survey of Antiretroviral Therapy Preferences for Management of Treatment Naïve and Experienced Individuals with Genotypic Resistance. Poster Session H4. HIV: Treatment
Sonya Krishnan: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1716) Outcomes and Adverse Effects of Risk-based Perinatal Antiretroviral Regimens to Prevent HIV Transmission: A Real-world Experience. Poster Session P6. Pediatric HIV
Matty Zimmerman: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1777) Yellow Fever Dynamics in Ghana During the Past Century. Poster Session: O. Public Health
Seth Judson: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–1:30 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C
(1800) Candida Auris and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Vulnerability in Maryland. Poster Session O. Public Health
Lauren Leigh Smith: Presenting Author

12:15 pm–12:45 pm  |  Location: Poster Hall B+C – Arena 2
126 – Pediatric Infections and Antimicrobial Stewardship: Rapid-Fire Poster Session
Aaron Milstone: Moderator 

1:45 pm–3:00 pm  |  Location: Ballroom (Third Floor)
166 – Hot Topics in Pediatric Infectious Diseases: Symposium
Anna Sick-Samuels: Speaker: 1910 – Ventilator Associated Infections: What Is New in Defining, Diagnosing and Treating in Pediatrics 

1:45 pm–3:00 pm  |  Location: 160 ABC
169 – Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsoring: Enhancing Critical Supports for Career Success: Symposium
Michael Melia: Moderator 

1:45 pm–3:00 pm  |  Location: 205 ABC
174 – Vaccine Challenging Cases: Interactive Session
Kawasar Talaat: Panelist 

3:15 pm–4:30 pm  |  Location 205: ABC
182 – Diagnostic Errors & Diagnostic Stewardship in Infectious Disease: Symposium
Valeria Fabre: Speaker: 1963 – Diagnostic Stewardship in Infectious Diseases 

5:30 pm–6:00 pm  |  Location: Ballroom (Third Floor)
194 – SHEA Lectureship: Named Lecture
Sara Cosgrove: Speaker: 2007 – Notes from the Field: 20 Years of Progress in Antibiotic Stewardship