TAG Research in Action Awards

Honoring Two Incredible Scientists and Allies of TAG

Press Release from Treatment Action Group
October 27, 2022

Every year our Research in Action Awards brings together those who’ve supported TAG’s work over our three decades, to honor a group of researchers, activists, and leaders who are fighting with us to end HIV, HCV, and TB. Two of those honorees this year are longtime TAG allies Dr. Amita Gupta and Dr. Kelly Elise Dooley, both infectious disease specialists who have made significant contributions to TB and HIV research globally.

Dr. Gupta is Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Faculty Co-chair of the Johns Hopkins Gupta-Klinsky India Institute. She specializes in public health, prevention, and treatment of HIV, TB, and antimicrobial resistance in India and other low- and middle-income settings. She’s also been at the forefront of research on pregnant people living with TB, leading studies that advanced treatment options for these patients.

Dr. Dooley is a Professor of Medicine, the Addison B. Scoville Jr. Chair in Medicine, and the Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her work focuses on TB therapeutics, especially for people with HIV/TB coinfection. She is the lead investigator for multiple clinical trials and has been a prominent voice pushing for effective treatments for pediatric TB and TB meningitis.

“Kelly and Amita have both made such significant contributions to TB and HIV research that wouldn’t have happened without them, by taking on big, challenging studies other researchers might have shied away from,” said TAG TB Project Co-Director Mike Frick. “As they’ve pushed for science to serve the needs of people living with TB, they’ve collaborated closely with TAG on community engagement.”

As TAG TB Project Co-Director Lindsay McKenna put it, “aside from being incredible scientists and advancing TB and HIV research in neglected and difficult populations and contexts, they are both amazing allies of TAG. They really understand us, the role we play, the work we do, and the value we bring. With Dr. Gupta and Dr. Dooley, we never have to justify our seat at the table — in fact, they are often the ones pulling up a chair for us.”

We hope you can join us on Monday, November 14 as we honor Dr. Gupta and Dr. Dooley for their life-saving work and research. You can learn more about RIAA here.

Treatment Action Group works to ensure that all people living with or impacted by HIV, TB, or HCV–especially communities of color and other marginalized communities experiencing inequities–receive life-saving prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care, and information.