NIH Career Development K-Awards

Building upon a legacy of successfully launched research careers, 92% (23/25) of our fellows have received a five-year career award (e.g., NIH research career development (K) award, BWF Career Award for Medical Scientists) when pursued to completion since Dr. David L. Thomas was named Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases in 2005. This tradition of commitment to early stage investigators has continued with Dr. Amita Gupta now as Division Director.

NIH Mentored Research Career Development (“K”) Awards and Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award for Medical Scientists Granted to Current and Former Fellows Since 2005
Former FellowMentorResearch
Styliani Karanika, MDPetros Karakousis, MDK08-Mechanisms of a Therapeutic DNA Vaccine Targeting Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Persisters (2024)
Chelsea Modlin, MDJoseph Ali, JD
Larry Chang, MD, MPH
K01-Designing and Implementing an Equity Planning Tool for International Research Partnerships (2023)
Jessica Renee Queen, MD, PhDCindy Sears, MDBWF-A Microbiota-Induced Switch to Checkpoint Inhibitor Responsiveness in Colon Cancer (2022)
Elisa Helen Ignatius, MD, MScKelly Dooley, MD
Keira Cohen, MD
Larry Chang, MD, MPH
Craig Hendrix, MD
K23-Optimizing Anti-mycobacterial Therapy Using a Pharmacology-based Approach (2022)
William Werbel, MD, PhDChristine Durand, MD
Dorry Segeve, MD
K23-The Landscape of Serious Infections Following Kidney Transplantation in People Living with HIV (2021)
Andrew Karaba, MD PhDAndrea Cox, MD, PhDK23 - K08-Modulation of Herpes Simplex Virus Pathogenesis by Leucine Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (2021)
Matthew Ippolito, MDTheresa Shapiro, MD, PhDK23 - Clinical Pharmacology of Malaria Control and Elimination: Pharmacodynamics of Artemisinin-based Combination Agents and their Barriers to Resistance (2020)
Annukka (Annie) Antar, MD, PhDRobert Siliciano, MD, PhDK08 - The HIV Latent Reservoir, Suboptimal Immune Response on Antiretroviral Therapy, and Exogenous Cytokine Therapies (2019)
Jeffrey Tornheim, MDAmita Gupta, MDK23 - Whole Genome Sequencing of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in India: Genotype-Phenotype Correlation, Clinical Impact of Resistance, and Sequencing Directly from Sputum (2018-2019)
Emily Kendall, MDDavid Dowdy, MD, PhD, ScMK08 - Translational modeling of individual-and population-level outcomes of novel tuberculosis drug regimens (2016-2018)
Susan Tuddenham, MDKhalil Ghanem, MD, PhDK23 - Dysbiosis, Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis and the Vaginal Microbiome (2016-2018)
Ethel Weld, MD, PhDKelly Dooley, MD, PhD, MPH
Allison Agwu, MD, ScM
K23-Optimizing the Use of Long-Acting Antiretrovirals for Youth Living with HIV (2021)
Damani Piggott, MD, PhDGregory Kirk, MD, MPH, PhDK23 - Determinants and Consequences of Frailty among Aging HIV-infected Persons (2013-2015)
Christine Durand, MDRichard Ambinder, MD, MPH
Joel Blankson, MD, PhD
Kieren Marr, MD
Janet Siliciano, PhD
K23 - Optimal Antiretroviral Therapy During Bone Marrow Transplant in HIV-1 Infection (2014-2015)
Justin Bailey, MD, PhDDavid Thomas, MD, MPH
Stuart Ray, MD
K08 - Mechanisms of Neutralizing Antibody Resistance in Chronic HCV and HIV Infection (2013-2016)
Michael Chattergoon, MD, PhDAndrea Cox, MD, PhDK08 - Recognition of HIV by the Inflammasome Signaling Complex (2013-2015)
Ryan Westergaard, MDAmita Gupta, MD
Gregory Kirk, MD, MPH, PhD
K23 - Technology-Enhanced Peer Navigation to Improve IDUs' Engagement in HIV Care (2012-2013)
Maunank Shah, MDSusan Dorman, MDK23 - Implementation Science Approaches for Novel TB Diagnostics in HIV Prevalent Areas (2011-2015)
Ashwin Balagopal, MDDavid Thomas, MD, MPH
Stuart Ray, MD
K08 - HIV, Kupffer Cells, and HCV-related Liver Fibrosis (2009-2013)
Larry Chang, MD, MPHRobert Bollinger, Jr., MD, MPHK23 - Promoting Heart Healthy Behaviors in Youth (2014-2015)
K23 - Peer health workers: Impact on retention, care and secondary prevention of PLHIV (2010-2014)
Stephen Berry, MDKelly Gebo, MD
Khalil Ghanem, MD
Richard Moore, MD
K23 - Universal Screening of HIV-Infected Persons for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (2010-2014)
Allison Agwu, MDKelly Gebo, MDK23 - HAART Initiation in Behaviorally HIV-Infected Youth (2010-2013)
Rahul Kohli, MDJanet Siliciano, PhDK08 - Elucidating the Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acid Cytidine Deaminases in HIV (2010)
Kathleen Page, MDRobert Bollinger, Jr., MD, MPH
Susan Dorman, MD
Richard Moore, MD
K23 - Immunomodulatory Properties of BCF: Implications of MTCT (2008-2012)
Kelley Dooley, MD, MPH, PhDCharles Flexner, MD
Susan Dorman, MD
K23 - PK/PD Issues in the Use of New Therapies for the Treatment of Tuberculosis (2009-2013)
Chris Hoffmann, MDRichard Chaisson, MD
Chloe Thio, MD
K23 - Causes of and Associations with Death During Long Term HAART in Africa (2010-2014)
Kristine Johnson, MDCindy Sears, MD
Jonathan Zenilman, MD
K23 - Foreskin Mucosal Cellular Constituents & Effects of Circumcision on HIV/STI Risk (2009-2013)